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15 Quick and Easy Tasks to Complete before Selling Your Home

I see several things that could be avoided in my line of work. Some of the issues I discover while performing a home inspection could have been easily and inexpensively repaired by the homeowner before putting the home on the market. Selling your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move out of it right away, so if you’re currently living in your home while it’s on the market, take some of these 15 tasks to heart before the next showing or open house.

1.       Curb Appeal – This one is pretty obvious, but some things that are considered curb appeal also cause issues with the home. Proper grading, drainage, placement of certain types of plants, and trimming the hedges and trees, for example.

2.       Keep it Clean – Living in your home while it’s on the market is tough, especially if you have a busy family or pets. Make sure to keep it showroom-clean or that you have the ability to clean before people view it.

3.       Clutter-Free – Choose which small appliances can be packed away and which ones you really need while your home is on the market. Clean out the closets and make sure everything is presentable before viewings.

4.       Showcase Certain Areas or Items – You likely have a certain area of the home that is your favorite. Showcase it in some special way to make potential buyers love it as well.

5.       Bake Something – Open houses provide you the opportunity to truly make people feel at home. Leave freshly baked cookies on the counter.

Those are five things that should normally happen when you have an open house or when the realtor brings someone by to see your home. Here are 10 additional things to keep in mind when you’re selling your home:

1.       Repair Loose Stairway Railing – Safety concern that can delay the sale of your home.

2.       Repair Leaky Faucets and Plumbing – No one wants to go into a home with leaky plumbing.

3.       Test GFCI Outlets – Safety concern that is a very easy fix.

4.       Test Smoke Detectors – Make sure all detectors have fresh batteries.

5.       Verify Pool Safety Standards if Applicable – Each area may have different requirements for pool fencing and safety.

6.       Ensure Proper Operation of Exterior Faucets and Sprinkler Heads – Leaks or loose exterior faucets are a problem.

7.       Repair or Replace Interior Doors – Interior doors that stick are not attractive to potential home buyers.

8.       Repair or Reinforce Structural Members – You may need to discuss these issues with a general contractor or architect.

9.       Secure Loose Exterior Timers – Sprinkler timers are intended to be secured to the wall to prevent damage. Make sure they’re secured.

10.   Repair HVAC Unit as Needed – Working air conditioning is an absolute must here in the greater Phoenix area.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

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