You Found The Right Home, Now You Need The Right Home Inspector

Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

Caution when buying a “flipped” house

I received a call the other day to inspect a 1950s house for sale in Phoenix, AZ that was listed as being gutted down to the frame and completely rebuilt with completely new plumbing and electrical.  The house did look brand new from the interior of the house.  All of the flooring was new, cabinets and countertops along with the appliances are new, even the interior doors and trim looked new.  But during the inspection I observed the original galvanized plumbing drain lines running through the attic and roof indicating that the plumbing drain lines have not been replaced.  I also observed exposed older electrical wiring in the attached shed.  The exterior wood siding was old and damage.  Gaps observed in the siding that would allow water and pest to enter the wall.  Although this house was remodeled, it was definitely not “like new” as was advertized. Continue Reading