You Found The Right Home, Now You Need The Right Home Inspector

Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed When Buying a House

Home InspectionWhen buying a house, whether a new one or one that was lived in before, you are making a big investment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, while this exciting achievement can cause you to want to rush in and sign your purchase contract, you need a professional home inspection first. This is necessary even if the house is brand new. The Phoenix area is full of amazing homes for sale, and now is the perfect time to consider buying.

What Inspectors Check

A professional home inspector has a checklist of things that they will do. My checklist is very thorough and the resulting report is very easy to read and understand. As a home buyer, when you get your report, all of the following will be in it:

  • The Physical Structure: This is a major component of any home inspection and will look at the following areas:

– Foundation: This has to be in good condition and is an integral safety aspect of the structure.

– The roof: The tiles and other roofing material must be in good condition.

– The floor and walls:  There must be no water damage in these areas. Sign of infestation by termites may also be identified.

– Window:  The inspector will check for misaligned frames and any damage to the windows.

  • The grounds: The grounds should be checked for proper drainage away from the home and the lawn sprinkler system is working properly. If there is a fence it will be checked to make sure that it is in good condition.
  • The Electrical System: The main components of the electrical system such as the circuits, panels, lighting fixtures, and grounding are checked for faults and to see if they meet acceptable standards based on the existing building codes.
  • The Plumbing: Apart from checking sinks, toilets and showers, the inspector will also check the plumbing supply and drain lines for leaks.
  • The Appliances:  If there are appliances in the house, such as dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer, I check for good working condition. We turn appliances on to make sure they are in working order the date of the inspection.

This report serves a number of important purposes. It identifies any issues that the buyer should know about that can cause problems later, or that may cost too much to deal with. It can also make the seller aware of things that need attention before the house can be sold. Even though you have to pay for the inspection report, this will be money well-spent, whether or not any issues are found.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

Kevin Shroyer is the owner of PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC - A home inspection company located in Gilbert, AZ. Having over 25 years in the building trades industries, he brings a level of knowledge and quality unmatched in the business. Need an inspection in the Phoenix. AZ area? Call 480-570-5615 for a free quote.

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