You Found The Right Home, Now You Need The Right Home Inspector

Don’t Undervalue the Importance of Hiring a Home Inspector

Inspecting atticMany prospective homeowners may not realize that it is very important to hire a home inspector before purchasing a house. These buyers may walk through the house and everything looks perfect, so they decide that they are not going to spend the extra money on hiring a home inspector, and go for the contract without concern. This is not a wise decision and it could cost the homeowner a lot of money in the future.


Here are reasons why hiring a home inspector is very important:

  • Certain issues are not noticeable as a person is walking through a house. The wiring may have been done improperly or it could be decades old and fraying. There could be a section of the roof that is worn and it cannot be seen from the yard. There could also be an issue with the plumbing that a person could not see.
  • Structural issues can be common in older homes and home inspectors know where to look for cracks in the foundation, cracks in the walls and ceiling, and door or window frames that are not level.
  • A home inspector will notice if there is a pest or insect infestation behind the walls, in the crawlspace, or in the ceiling.
  • Home inspectors can also give the potential homeowners an idea of whether the existing appliances are in working order at the time of the inspection. It is not enough to have everything in working condition when a year later the furnace and hot water tank stop working. This information can be useful to have. We can’t, however, predict the future; what’s working fine on the day of the inspection may fail next week. This is the nature of appliances and other devices.
  • If a home inspector finds too many issues that were not disclosed by the seller, then a homeowner is usually able to get out of any signed agreements.

Home inspections are relatively inexpensive and they can give you true peace of mind when it comes to your home purchase. There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and immediately being required to spend thousands of dollars unexpectedly, because you did not know about any issues with the home.

I’ve been a home inspector for nearly 10 years and have worked in the building trades industry for more than 25 years. I’m familiar with many parts of home construction, and that knowledge allows me to provide a very thorough home inspection report on every job. Call me at 480-570-5615 or request a quote online. I’m located in Gilbert, AZ, and provide home inspection services throughout the greater Gilbert area.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

Kevin Shroyer is the owner of PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC - A home inspection company located in Gilbert, AZ. Having over 25 years in the building trades industries, he brings a level of knowledge and quality unmatched in the business. Need an inspection in the Phoenix. AZ area? Call 480-570-5615 for a free quote.

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