You Found The Right Home, Now You Need The Right Home Inspector

Highlighting the Benefits an Inspector Brings to the Table

Millions of people today are looking to buy a home. Some of them are doing it for the first time, others are getting a second property to rent out, and some are just looking around at auctions. Whatever the case is there is one crucial element that no one should resist moving forward with; a home inspection.

Some people want to save money on this by doing it themselves or taking someone’s word on the upkeep of the home, but it’s not a good thing. There are a lot of reasons why you should hire someone to come in and look into the various elements of a home, and the benefits are immense when done right. A good inspector doesn’t just do a once over, they look for deliberate shortcuts that may have been made in the past when construction was done. The following are just a few of the benefits that come through when you get a good, thorough inspector.

Ensuring Your Plumbing and Other Elements Are Up to Code

Thinking about purchasing a home that has been foreclosed? Looking at an auction for real estate? Why not? Millions of dollars will be spent on these options, and one thing is true about many of them, they have been ransacked. Do not go forward with this without a thorough inspection process. You’ll find that many of these homes may have been targeted by thieves taking copper, compressors, air conditioning units, and much more. You may think you’re getting a deal, but once you get in to move or to spruce things up, you’ll be hit with a huge cost break down in order to get plumbing and electrical functions back into place.

The Age of the Guts

One of the most elusive things that you are going to find when purchasing a home is the fact that you will not be able to denote the condition of the insides. Much like the human body can look amazing on the outside, the organs can still fail. A ripped individual may have heart disease due to cholesterol levels that are too high.

The same can be said about a beautiful home in a nice area. Everything may look amazing, but an inspector can gauge how much life blood is in the systems such as plumbing, and heating. By knowing this in advance, you are going to find out just how much money you’re going to have to invest after the fact.

Know When to Walk Away

As the Kenny Rogers song goes, sometimes you just have to know when to walk away. The biggest benefit that you are going to find comes through with a great inspector is simple; they’ll tell you when to walk away. They may not deliberately use those words, but they will give you a full analysis about the condition and value of the home that you want to buy.

You may be in love with a property, but when you get the results of their work, you may realize that you are looking at something with rose colored glasses. It’s important that you do not negate what is said at the end of this type of project. You may have your heart set on a house, but if that report highlights some serious issues, you may want to step back and decide if it is worth the money and time to make the required repairs.

At the end of the day, the aforementioned benefits are just some of the things that you will see come to fruition when you hire a good inspector. If you’re considering buying a home in the greater Phoenix area including Scottsdale and Gilbert, call PrimeSpec Consulting at 480-570-5615 to schedule a consultation.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

Kevin Shroyer is the owner of PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC - A home inspection company located in Gilbert, AZ. Having over 25 years in the building trades industries, he brings a level of knowledge and quality unmatched in the business. Need an inspection in the Phoenix. AZ area? Call 480-570-5615 for a free quote.

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