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Home Improvement Ideas that Won’t Make You Want to Sell Your Home

Let’s face it – home improvement projects can get tedious and frustrating. Some of us would rather sell our current home and buy a newly updated home simply to avoid the honey-do list and some of the home improvement projects that go along with it. But today I wanted to show you some crazy-easy home improvement projects that will take about an hour to do, but they will make a big impact on your home. I’ve arranged the list in a room-by-room order that should be relatively easy to follow.


This is the biggie. Everyone spends time in the kitchen every single day. It has to look amazing and be functional. Here are some of the easiest updates you can do to the kitchen to add functionality, beautify the room, and spend roughly $100 to $150 and an hour per project:

  • New Faucet – Splurge and get a nice one.
  • Add a Charging Station – Let everyone recharge their electronics while they recharge their body.
  • Update the Hardware – You don’t have to get new cabinets to change the hardware and give your kitchen a new feel.


The bathrooms are second only to the kitchen when it comes to popularity in remodeling, so it stands to reason that it is our next room for changes. Bathrooms take a lot of damage from every member of the family. Here are some easy updates for the bathroom that should only cost roughly $75 to $125, and take roughly an hour per project:

  • New Sink Faucets – Choose something unique instead of whatever happens to be on sale.
  • New Tub and Shower Faucets – Coordinate them with the sink faucets for a complete appearance.
  • New Rugs – Sometimes simply changing up the decor makes a big difference in how you view your home.
  • New Shower Curtain, Rod, and Rings – Choose a curved curtain rod over a straight one to give the appearance of more space.
  • New Sink – Change that large, square, clunky sink and vanity out for a nice small pedestal sink and install floating shelving for storage. Okay this one may cost more than the $125 I mentioned earlier, but it’s worth it.

Every Other Room

  • New Window Treatments – New blinds and curtains are nice, but think outside the box. Consider installing window film instead of covering the entire window and frame. Film takes some time to perfect, but it makes the room feel much more open and allows natural light to penetrate.
  • Switch Plate Covers – Light switch face plates and electrical outlet faceplates don’t have to be a solid color. Most of them are a plain, boring white or off white; replace the switch plate covers in every room with covers that add to the decor in some way.
  • USB Outlets – Add a USB outlet in a strategic spot in each room so people can just plug in and charge whenever needed.
  • Lights and Dimmer Switches – Revamp the lighting throughout your home. Install new fixtures and dimmer switches where applicable.
  • Halt Squeaky Floors and Doors – We all have a few cabinet doors or interior doors that squeak a little, or some squeaks in the hardwood flooring. Repair those using short bursts of WD-40 on hinges, and sweep talcum powder between the cracks in hardwood flooring.
  • Paint – Paint makes a world of change, even if you choose a single wall to use as an accent wall. You don’t even have to paint the entire room, just add some color or paint over existing scuff marks or ground in dirt on the walls.

See? Those don’t sound too difficult do they? It really doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money to maintain our homes if we take a single weekend out of the month to spend roughly $200 and a few hours of our time. I know it’s more interesting to go play golf or binge watch Netflix, but our home is our largest investment and worth a few hours of our time every month. Right?

If you happen to run into things that you feel aren’t quite right and would like a home inspection, give me a call at PrimeSpec Consulting in Gilbert at 480-570-5615.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

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