You Found The Right Home, Now You Need The Right Home Inspector

Is the Home You Want to Buy a Great Find or a Money Pit?

The average home buyer knows what they want; they’re looking for that amazing home that speaks to them in a way that no other home has. Sound familiar? Are you looking for that special something from the next home you purchase? Aside from aesthetics and amazing curb appeal, you need to take special care to notice things that could end up costing a small fortune. Here are some of the biggest money sinks I’ve discovered throughout the years:

1.       Faulty Foundations – Any faults found with the foundation will need to be repaired. Several things can cause a foundation to crack or crumble, so looking for the root cause of the issue is also very important. You don’t want to go through the expense of foundation repair only to have the same problem cause more damage in the relatively near future.

2.       Pests – The term pests includes everything from termites or powder-post beetles to mice or rats. Don’t fall under the misunderstanding that once they’re gone; they’re gone. Preventative measures must be taken to keep them from returning within a few months.

3.       Poor Drainage – Damaged guttering or a poorly graded landscape can lead to foundation problems, mold, or a variety of other expensive issues.

4.       Old Roofing Material – The age of the roof makes a huge difference in the actual value of the home and the perceived value. A shingle roof generally needs to be replaced about every 20 to 25 years. Roof tiles may last a little longer, but they need to be thoroughly inspected for cracks or other damage.

5.       Hazardous Materials – Older homes may have dangerous materials hidden within the walls. You may find Asbestos, lead paint, or other hazardous materials. One of the more recent scares regarding building materials was Chinese drywall which emitted hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten egg, in 2004 and 2005.

6.       Outdated Plumbing – Outdated plumbing can cause some serious issues. Leaks may be found in or nearly anywhere including bathroom and kitchen sinks, toilets, and the laundry area.

7.       Outdated Wiring – We typically inspect the primary electrical panel and report whether we discover overloaded circuits, improper grounding, or any trouble spots or fire hazards. We will also make sure that there are GFCI outlets in the proper areas – generally the kitchen and bathroom near water sources.

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Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

Kevin Shroyer is the owner of PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC - A home inspection company located in Gilbert, AZ. Having over 25 years in the building trades industries, he brings a level of knowledge and quality unmatched in the business. Need an inspection in the Phoenix. AZ area? Call 480-570-5615 for a free quote.

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