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Read this before You Purchase that Newly Painted Home

Stucco crack painted over

Stucco crack painted over

Everyone can agree that a newly painted home looks amazing. The new colors usually bring out the amazing qualities of the home. Many homeowners paint the entire interior of their home when they’re preparing to sell. This leads buyers to think nothing is out of place or unusual when they see newly painted walls in a home they’re considering buying. Here are a few things to think about the next time you view a home with a newly painted interior.


  • Ceiling: A newly painted ceiling could indicate the presence of a leak that has recently been covered. Leaks that create brown circles on the ceiling are often related to roof damage. Any time you view a home with a newly painted ceiling, ask about it.
  • Patched Walls: Repainting usually means just that and every surface of a wall is painted. A wall with a newly painted patch may have something to hide. This may be something as inconsequential as an area of drywall that needed repair and painting; or it could be something as serious as a plumbing leak somewhere behind the wall.
  • Old Wallpaper: Paint over wallpaper is one tactic many real estate investors are taking advantage of on a regular basis. Some paint is designed specifically to cover wallpaper, but this does not mean you won’t have problems with peeling paper in the long run.
  • Smoke or Drug Smells: Some homeowners paint to cover up stains left behind by cigarette smoke or drugs. Methamphetamines leave a dangerous residue on everything they touch. A single coat of paint isn’t enough to get rid of the contaminants that could potentially harm your family.
  • Brick: Look for evidence that brick and mortar has been painted to hide damage caused by ivy or other vines growing into it. A home with ivy growing on the brick may look nice but the roots cause serious damage over time. This damage as well as small cracks may be masked with a nice fresh coat of paint.
  • Stucco: Many homes in the Gilbert and Scottsdale area are finished with a stucco exterior. Thoroughly examine the exterior of the home to make sure there are no cracks in the stucco. Cracks up to 1/8 of an inch are relatively easy to cover with paint.
  • Mold: No one wants to deal with mold in the home. It’s generally found in damp areas with poor ventilation. Issues with poor ventilation may be taken care of with relative ease, but persistent dampness is a serious problem. You can generally see evidence of mold through new paint. You may see bumps or bubbles in the paint, or it may have an uneven appearance.

These issues are only a few things that a nice new coat of paint can hide. Always make sure to ask the realtor or the homeowner about issues like mold and drug use within the home. I’m happy to perform a full inspection of the home if you have questions about the safety or reasons behind paint in specific areas. Call me at 480-570-5615 to schedule an appointment for a home inspection.

Kevin Shroyer - PrimeSpec Consulting, LLC

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