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Watch Out for These Water and Dampness Issues in Your Home

Water damage to beam

Water damage to beam

Water is the most damaging element where your home is concerned. Granted we don’t have the high amounts of rainfall here in Gilbert and Phoenix that other areas of the United States see, but that doesn’t mean water related problems aren’t often discovered in homes. I’m talking about issues involving structural problems, mold, and mildew. Homeowners need to be made aware that these issues can be a problem, even here in dryer climates.

Wood Rot

Water may affect your home from a variety of directions. Rain can move effortlessly through any type of weakness in the tile roof. The water drains down the wooden trusses that support the roof and down into the house. Before you know it, there are water spots on the ceiling and walls, and structural damage in the form of wood rot in some of the most important supports in your home.

Bug Breeding Grounds

Damp areas around and below your home are the perfect breeding ground for bugs of all sorts. Termites and other insects and pests need water, and if there’s a leak anywhere in the pipes under your home, they have a virtually unlimited supply. They will quickly multiply and become a serious problem

Drainage Problems

Flooding is rare here in Gilbert, but heavy rain during the monsoons is not. Your home’s foundation is susceptible to water damage if rain isn’t properly carried away from it. Too much water cause the foundation to sink or heave.

Moldy Walls

Moisture eventually means the growth of mold; it’s quite inevitable. Mold is potentially dangerous to the health of all inhabitants of the home and must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Mold absolutely must be taken care of if you’re planning to sell your home. Never purchase a home with an existing mold problem or you’ll have to deal with the remediation costs yourself.

Plumbing Problems

Older homes are more prone to plumbing problems than those that are 10 years old or newer. Make sure that firstly, the plumbing is up to code. Secondly, make sure that there are no leaks within the plumbing system. Leaky faucets, loose toilets, and leaky valves or fittings around the hot water tank are the primary places to find water the problems listed above.

Homeownership is a large part of living the American Dream. Homes of all ages are purchased and sold every single day in cities across the United States. Dreams are made and nightmares are created. Avoid the potential nightmares included in homeownership by paying close attention to problems created by leaky plumbing and undiscovered moisture under the home.

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