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Window Safety: Make Sure Your Windows are Child Safe

This should be a no-brainer, but when it comes to safety, especially with children, you can never be too safe. Windows can be a dangerous thing where curious children are concerned. Each year thousands of children in the US are injured due to falling from a window. It is important to note that windows with screens are not always enough to protect children from falling from a window. Luckily, window safety is not difficult and most devices are easy to install. Today I want to go over a few different ways you can make sure your windows are child safe.

  • Window Guards: These safety devices can be used on almost all types of windows. They are removable so when your children are grown, you can remove them from the windows. These are some if the best window safety devices available today.
  • Window Latches and Locks: Keep the windows closed using latches and locks so that children cannot reach or open the locks or the windows. You will find a wide variety of these at any hardware store, and the prices are affordable.
  • Window De-limiters or Stops: With these devices, windows can only opened to a certain point so that children cannot crawl through them. There are some that are approved by the ASTM International company. The ASTM recommends a 4-inch delimiter as a standard for homes with small children.

Test Window Safety Features

Periodically, you should test these safety features to make sure that they are working as they should. If in doubt about a safety measure you have place, ask for help or replace the device. Always make a point to test window safety features in any home you’re considering for purchase. The last thing you want to do is replace windows due to safety immediately after purchasing a house.

In addition to what you can do to the windows themselves, you can also do other things when protecting children from falling from windows. Some of these include the following:

  • Do not keep cribs, beds, stools or other furniture that children can climb onto near windows.
  • Window screens are meant to keep bugs out; they are not meant to be safety screens so do not depend on them to prevent falls.
  • Window sashes should not be in the reach of children as they cause strangulation if children get entangled in them. If you have small children you should try using cordless blinds or make sure that the cords cannot be reached by small children.
  • Only the top of double hung windows should be open to allow air into the home.

Children have a natural desire to explore the world around them and the outdoors is attractive. As such, children may lean on windows to see outside or even try to get outside. It is also important to discuss windows and window safety with children. Always stress to them that they should not play by windows, whether or not they are closed.

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